"She listens to what goals you would like to achieve, and comes up with an attainable, and realistic way to accomplish theM" 

I recently started working with Lora, and am already starting to see progress with my performance. Her knowledge to the sport is quickly demonstrated upon your first sit-down consultation with her. She listens to what goals you would like to achieve, and comes up with an attainable, and realistic way to accomplish them. I found this especially important as a student who is working full-time, as I am not always able to spend numerous hours in the saddle. She takes the time to explain her method of coaching in an easy to understand format, answering any questions that may be unclear on the workout. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her, and utilizing what I have learned in the peloton.
— Monica

Coach Lora Popolizio took me from a newbie triathlon athlete to finishing 3 Ironman 70.3s in a year’s span.  Under her coaching, I went from fearing the bike to the bike leg becoming my favorite leg of a triathlon.  She also encouraged me to get into road racing and time trials,  helping me discover a new passion.  Her training plans were individually designed for my skill level and around my crazy life.  Her knowledge base is huge, mixed with lots of experience.  On top of her  coaching skill set, Lora is a top notch bike fitter.  I had spent a small fortune on bike fittings and new saddles,  only to be still riding in pain.  I live in Houston and decided it was time to make the drive to Austin to find comfort.  She eliminated all of my back pain, lady area pain, foot pain, and helped me find the perfect saddles for both my Tri bike and road bike.  My speed and general enjoyment of biking soared after that.  Lora is the total package and available to her athletes for questions all of the time.  I can’t recommend her services enough.
— Christy

When I initially started working with Lora, I was feeling burnt out from prior race seasons and unsure of how to proceed in my training. Lora’s coaching went beyond only my assigned workouts, as she helped me to look at the bigger picture of my relationship with cycling. Her coaching helped me rediscover what I love about the sport & shift focus to a new discipline that I was more passionate about. Along the way, she even got me to the top step of the podium in my first two mountain bike races ever! Not only is Lora incredibly knowledgeable, she also puts in a great deal of dedication & personal investment into the growth of her athletes. I could not imagine working with any other coach.
— Becca

I started with triathlon training about 3 years ago. I made good progress initially, but has hit a plateau. I moved to training with Lora early this year, and I made huge leaps in performance within a couple of months. With her guidance, I made the switch to only cycling, and I have had great success! She is knowledgeable, firm, and she takes the time to explain your workouts.  A big thing for me was working around a schedule that has me constantly traveling. After looking back on my progression over 2017, I am excited about what 2018 holds!
— Jonathan

I’ve been working with Lora for an entire season now, and here are some things I can tell you about her:

• She KNOWS HER STUFF about training and she’ll never stop researching and continuing to factor in newly discovered information if it arises. She also takes a deep interest in her athletes’ events, and is often able to discuss strengths and weaknesses of various competitors before the race begins.

• She can manage an insane schedule. Anyone who knows me knows that my life is hectic. She wont plan a 5 hour ride when I have things to do from 6am-7pm, and goes above and beyond making it possible to fit a full training schedule into my busy life.

• My work with Lora this season has taken me from an amateur (cat 3) level road and track cyclist, to an expert (category 2) level cyclist in both disciplines. My power figures, my aerobic ability, and my mental fortitude have all increased due to her instruction.

• She has trained extensively in fitting, and brings the in-depth knowledge of how a body works on a bike in certain positions into the conversation. After being fitted by Lora on my track rig, I went on to get 6th place in the elite track nationals 3k pursuit, as well as 3rd in the collegiate track nationals 3k pursuit in 2017

• As a (well-researched) woman, she knows and is able to account for the differences in training and racing as a female athlete.

• She is kind but firm, unfailingly honest, and a woman who has earned my respect many times over.

I recommend her without hesitation.
— Emi