Bike Fitting:  $225

I offer technical bike fit that strives to optimize the riders position for power, comfort, and aerodynamics.

Trained by John Cobb, I strive to minimize the compromises between the three and find the best possible position for each rider, taking into account competition goals and injury history.  Fits can take from 2-5 hrs depending on the complexity of your situation.

You will receive a copy of your dimensions for future use.  

Fits are performed at my private studio in Nederland, Co or at Austin Tri Cyclist in Austin, TX, and are by appointment only. 


Shop & Fit:  $375

This service evolved out of the bike fitting service.  I encountered so many people who had purchased bikes did not fit or who were trying to buy a bike but were bamboozled by the lack of industry standard for sizing and components.  I found myself shopping with people in an advisory capacity and this service was born.

First, I size you on an available bike to get an idea of fit needs.  Then, I will go with you to various bike shops and help you to choose a bike that both fits you and meets your needs within your budget, explaining the pros and cons of each choice along the way.  Because I work for you and take no shop commissions, you can trust that I will be objective.  

Once we have the bike in hand, then we do a normal fit at ATC and dial in the details.  This is a flat rate service for up to 4 hrs of sizing and shopping, plus a standard fit.